I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the support the team at ‘Access Community Services’ has given me and my son Adam over the past year or so.
I would also like to pass on particular thanks to Phil Jones who has not only fulfilled his role as Adam’s support worker/case manager but whom I truly believe has gone the ‘extra mile’ within his professional capacity to offer support and assistance throughout Adam’s most difficult times. It is without a doubt that Phil’s input has had a significant positive effect on Adam’s life and wellbeing. Moreover, he has repeatedly provided me with the support necessary to get through some of Adam’s most difficult challenges. He is a true asset to your company. Once again, many thanks.

I just wanted to send thanks and appreciation to Access and the staff team at Mellors Close for the fantastic care Steve is receiving. In particular, we are grateful for the sensitive and professional way that Jackie and the team have supported Steve through the changes associated with the illness and death of his father. We really appreciated how Jackie was so willing to work as a team with Steve’s family, helping us better understand his needs and supporting him in a way that was appropriate to the circumstances.

My husband and I are extremely grateful to Access for the support they give to Sue. We can’t imagine how different our lives would be if Access were not in Sue’s life. The staff are superb and so caring. When I wasn’t well, the staff went the extra mile to really look after Sue which gave me great peace of mind.

(Some names may have been changed to comply with the Data Protection Act 1999)